About Jolly Good Kangaroo

Your mind changes when you know that you’re going to be a parent

It’s not about “You” any more; it’s not even about “You & Your Significant Other”.

As soon as you see that positive stripe on your home pregnancy kit, hear that first heartbeat, and see that first ultrasound, your brain warps and twists – and most likely yelps a bit – as it starts to grasp at the concept of “Your New Family”.

Impending baby = talking to others with children

With a child on the way, we started talking to other couples with children. More importantly: we started to listen to them!

We discovered a funny thing: parents want what’s best for their child (who knew?). This included being exposed to literature at an early age, in the English language.

What would soon become Jolly Good Kangaroo’s manifesto (of sorts), we thought the following:

“Hang on – we speak a lot in front of the camera, so we obviously like talking a lot.”

Yes. Yes we do.

“Between us, we have a pretty standard British accent, and a pretty standard American accent. (By “standard” I mean amazing, George. Don’t get upset).”

We want to give you – the parent – the option to have your child exposed to both British and American English, whether he or she is in a crib, on a nappy changing table, in a play pen, or even still in the womb. (We talked to our child all the time while it was still warm and cozy in utero. I told you we liked to talk).

We can read stories out loud! Not just for our impending child, but for whoever else fancies a listen! Whomever else? I’m not sure…fortunately we’re not writing the stories yet!”

“AND we can stick as many of those stories as we’re able to online, for free…FREE I SAY!”

We don’t like the idea of price tags. Instead of telling you how much you need to pay, we want to provide you with a nice selection of stories, for free. 

“And for any proceeds collected, we can arrange for a proportion to go to charities and good causes that focus on children’s education!”

And for proceeds collected through advertising, donations, sponsors and the like, we aim to donate a portion to charities and good causes that focus on children’s well-being: education, mental and physical health. So you can go about your day, playing one of your favourite stories to your child, knowing that proceeds gratefully received will not only help towards running JGK, but also help out children in need.

So, to summarise: we found out that we were having a baby, our brains yelped a bit, and POOF! Jolly Good Kangaroo was formed.

Thank you for visiting this little site of ours: we hope you and your family enjoy the stay!


– George & Janet