What would you do if you were a bird? And could talk to other animals? Let’s explore together, shall we?

Story by Clark Ness. Used with permission. www.clarkness.com

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By Clark Ness


Alexander was a bird.


One day he flew past a cat.


The cat was on a hill.


“What are you doing?” Alexander asked the cat.


“I am sitting on a hill,” said the cat.


“Come and fly with me,” said Alexander.


“I cannot fly,” said the cat.


“That is too bad,” said Alexander.


“I will go and fly all around,” said Alexander. “I will then come back and tell you all about it,” he said.


“That would be nice,” said the cat.


So Alexander went and flew all around.


He then came back to the cat.


Alexander told the cat what he had seen.


The cat was happy.


“Thank you,” said the cat.


“You are welcome,” said Alexander.