Suit up – it’s time to go to space! But what’s Christine’s teacher going to think of all this?

Not to mention the Robot Dog…wait, did someone say Robot Dog?!

Story by Clark Ness. Used with permission.

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Christine Has a Space Suit

By Clark Ness


Christine walked into the classroom one day. She had on a space suit.


She walked over to his teacher Mr. Smith.


Mr. Smith was sitting and reading at his teacher’s desk.


“What are you reading?” asked Christine the astronaut. Mr. Smith looked up.


“Why are you in a space suit?” asked Mr. Smith.


“I have to take my spaceship on a mission,” said Christine.


“I didn’t know you were an astronaut,” said Mr. Smith.


“I became an astronaut last week,” said Christine.


Ring, ring went Christine’s space phone.


Christine answered it. She listened for a little while.


“Yes, I will go right away,” said Christine. She then hung up his space phone.


“I need to go. I will be right back,” said Christine the astronaut.


“Where are you going?” asked Mr. Smith.


“I am going to fly my spaceship to the Moon,” said Christine.


Christine and Mr. Smith walked out of the classroom.


They went out to the school’s parking lot.


There sat Christine’s spaceship.


She hopped in it.


Vroom went the spaceship as it went up into the sky.


Then, zoom! And the spaceship flew away.


It was soon out of sight.


Mr. Smith stood and watched. He had never had a student who was an astronaut before.


After about ten minutes, Christine came flying back.


She landed his spaceship in the school parking lot.


She hopped out.


A dog got out of the spaceship, too. It was a robot dog.


“Woof, woof,” said the robot dog.


Christine and the robot dog walked up to Mr. Smith.


“Here is a robot dog from space. His name is Robot Dog,” said Christine.


“Nice to meet you, Robot Dog,” said Mr. Smith.


“Woof, woof,” said Robot Dog.


“Robot Dog is very nice,” said Christine. “He just needed a ride from the Moon to Earth.”


“Now I have to take him to Washington, D.C. Robot Dog needs to talk with the President,” said Christine.


Christine and Robot Dog went back to the spaceship and got in it.


Zoom! And the spaceship flew up into the sky.


Christine was on his way to Washington, D.C. with Robot Dog.


They were going to see the President.