You can fly? YOU CAN FLY! Here’s a tale of cockroach that’s perhaps just a little misunderstood by our protagonists, Janet and George. (Also featuring special cameos from Miss Rat and Mysterious Ant…)

Story by George Young © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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George and Janet were in their apartment one evening, when Janet suddenly saw something moving in the corner of the living room.


“What could it be?” Said Janet.


“It’s a bunny rabbit!” Said George.


“It’s too small to be a bunny rabbit,” said Janet.


“It’s an ant!” said George.


“It’s too big to be an ant,” said Janet.


“If it’s too small to be a bunny rabbit, and too big to be an ant, what could it be?” asked George, who was very puzzled indeed.


“It’s a cockroach!” said Janet.


“No it’s not,” said George.


“Yes it is,” said Janet.


“Let me take a closer look,” said George


George got up from his chair, and moved slowly towards the strange moving thing in the corner of the living room.


“Careful!” whispered Janet.


When George was really, really close, he bent down towards the strange object that seemed to now be hiding in the dark.


“It is a cockroach!” screamed George.


“I told you so!” shouted Janet.


The cockroach had had enough of all this noise. He leapt up into the air, spread his wings and flew up towards George’s head.


“You can fly?” said George.


“You can fly!” screamed George.


“Yes I can fly – would you please keep the noise down? I was trying to sleep,” said the cockroach.


“Oh sorry Mr…Cockroach is it?” asked George.


“Yes Mr Cockroach will do just fine,” replied Mr Cockroach. “Please just don’t forget that you’re not the only ones in this apartment.”


“That’s right!” squeaked an ant in the kitchen.


“You tell them, Mr Cockroach!” said a rat, who was washing its feet in the bathroom toilet.


“Oh my,” said Janet, “I had no idea we had so many roommates”.


“Well now you do,” replied Mr Cockroach.


“We’re sorry Mr Cockroach,” said George. “We promise to keep the noise down from now on”.


Janet and George kept their promise.


In fact, the very next day, Janet and George moved out of the apartment, and sold it to their neighbours, who Janet and George knew were much better at keeping quieter than they would ever be.