How would you help a falling star? One child has to do some pretty quick thinking when found in quite the unusual predicament…

Story by Clark Ness. Used with permission.

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Falling Star

By Clark Ness


One night Alexander was outside with his dad.


“Help, help!” they heard from up in the sky.


“Look, Dad. A star is falling,” said Alexander.


“What should we do?” said his dad.


“I know what to do,” said Alexander.


He ran and got a big net.


Alexander took the net and quickly caught the star just before it hit the ground.


“Thanks for saving me,” said the star.


“What should we do with this star now?” asked Alexander’s dad.


“We need to throw it back up into the sky,” said Alexander.


Alexander grabbed the star out of the net and threw it back up into the sky.


“Thanks so much,” said the star from high up in the sky.


Alexander was proud that he had saved a falling star.