Here’s a little story that’s dedicated to every little child who’s fascinated by those bright and shiny ornaments that we like to call “lights!”

Story by Janet Hsieh © 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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By Janet Hsieh


Once upon a time there was a boy who loved lights.


He would wake up in the morning, point to the ceiling and say:




Then, he would take off his pajamas, put on his day of the week shirt,


A pair of pants, and of course, matching socks.


He would stretch his arms, point to the wall and happily proclaim:




Next came breakfast and playtime. He loved playtime.


“What’s this?” asked his dad.


“LIIIIGHT” was the answer.


“This is a ball.” replied his dad.


“And what’s this?”


“LIIIIGHT” (obviously) came the reply.


“This is a toy.” his dad responded.


“Oooooh. Look what I have here?” as his dad held up a toy car.


The little boy looked at the toy car, his favorite toy, and beamed at his dad.


He opened up his mouth and loudly and proudly pronounced the word:




Finally, the little boy’s dad had an idea!


He walked over to the table, picked up the lamp.


He turned it on and pointed to the lamp.


“Hey! What do you call this?”


The little boy, clutching his little toy car, waddled over to his dad,


Pointed to the lamp and said: