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The Lucky Buffalo Nickel

By Clark Ness


Chapter 1 – Mail


The kids in Mrs. Smith’s class were sitting at their desks.


“I got something in the mail,” said Mrs. Smith.


“What did you get?” asked Jacob.


“It is a buffalo nickel,” said Mrs. Smith.


She held it up for her students to see.


“I saw one of those before,” said Beth. “It has a buffalo on it.”


“I saw a real buffalo once,” said Abby.


Chapter 2 – A Neat Coin


“That is a neat coin, Mrs. Smith,” said Hannah.


“Yes, it is neat. A friend sent it to me. She says this nickel has special powers.”


“What kind of powers?” asked Olivia.


“I don’t know,” said Mrs. Smith.


“Do you think that it has special powers?” asked Ashley.


“I am not sure,” said Mrs. Smith.


Chapter 3 – The Note


“How is it supposed to work?” asked Dan.


“It came with a note that tells us,” said Mrs. Smith.


“Can you read the note to us?” asked Sami.


Mrs. Smith set the nickel down on her desk. She picked up the note and read it.


“Hold the lucky buffalo nickel in your hand. Tell it what you want three times. To go back to normal say: Normal, normal, normal.”


Chapter 4 – Sounds Easy


“That sounds easy,” said Andy.


“Can we try it now?” asked Matt.


“Yes, we can try it,” said the teacher.


“I hope it works,” said Sarah.


All of the students carefully watched Mrs. Smith.


She picked up the lucky buffalo nickel.


She held it in her hand.


She then said, “Cookie, cookie, cookie.”


Poof! Three cookies were now on the top of Mrs. Smith’s desk.


Chapter 5 – Wow


“Wow!” said the kids.


“Oh, my gosh! That is really something,” said Mrs. Smith.


“I love cookies,” said Willy.


“Are they real cookies?” asked Grace.


“They sure look real,” said Dave.


Mrs. Smith touched one.


She then picked it up.


“It feels like a real cookie,” she said.


She took a little bite.


“It tastes like a real cookie. They must be real cookies.”


“Oh, this is cool. I wonder if it can make milkshakes. I love milkshakes,” said Josh.


Chapter 6 – Testing


“Ask the nickel to make something else,” said Emily.


“First, we need to finish testing it,” said Mrs. Smith.


“Good idea,” said Mike.


Mrs. Smith held up the lucky buffalo nickel again.


She said, “Normal, normal, normal.”


Poof! The three cookies were gone.


“That is amazing. Tell it to do something else,” said Emma.


Chapter 7 – Enough


“I think that is enough for today,” said Mrs. Smith.


“We can see that this is a powerful nickel. We have to be careful with it. We can try it again tomorrow.”


“I can hardly wait,” said Ethan.


Mrs. Smith opened the top drawer of her desk.


She carefully put the lucky buffalo nickel into it.


“I always like coming to school. This will make school even better,” said Chris.


Chapter 8 – From Then On


From then on Mrs. Smith and her class used the lucky buffalo nickel almost every day.


It became the most amazing thing in the whole school.